Jets respond to allegations against Woody Johnson

Jets respond to allegations against Woody Johnson

US President Donald Trump sought to have his ambassador to the United Kingdom inquire with the British government if it would host the British Open at his golf course in Scotland, according to multiple reports.

But, perhaps more seriously, Mr Johnson's former deputy has alleged the ambassador tried to intervene with British government officials at the president's request to steer The Open Championship golf tournament to Mr Trump's Turnberry resort in Scotland.

CNN said Woody Johnson had been investigated by USA officials after making "generalisations about black men" and "cringeworthy" comments about women's looks.

CNN reported that the National Football League owner and confidant of Trump questioned why the Black community wishes to celebrate Black History Month, and made generalizations about Black men.

The State Department's inspector general has been looking at these claims as part of a routine review of the embassy, according to people familiar with the matter.

But the diplomat tweeted that the claims were "totally inconsistent with my longstanding record and values".

Asked at an afternoon White House briefing Wednesday when he had "asked Ambassador Woody Johnson to bring the British Open to your Turnberry property in Scotland?"

"I have followed the ethical rules and requirements of my office at all times", Johnson said as a result of the team's official statement, via Dennis Waszak Jr. of the Associated Press.

Johnson's three-year term as ambassador soon will be over, and there's a chance he could return to the Jets by the end of the year. I read a story about it today.

"No, I never spoke to Woody Johnson about that, about Turnberry", Mr Trump told reporters.

The State Department, meanwhile, defended Johnson in written comments attributed to a unnamed spokesman.

United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Woody Johnson is seen after listening to speeches from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Sir David Attenborough during the launch of the UK-hosted COP26 UN Climate Summit, which is being held this autumn in Glasgow, at the Science Museum on February 4, 2020 in London, England.

In a statement to his staff Wednesday, obtained by ABC News, Johnson wrote in part, "I wanted to share with you what an honor it is for me to serve as U.S. Ambassador and, every bit as importantly, to lead the talented, diverse team at the U.S. Mission to the United Kingdom..."

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