Neowise comet and rare astronomical phenomena captured in remarkable image

Neowise comet and rare astronomical phenomena captured in remarkable image

Explained| What is Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise, one of the brightest comets in decades passing Earth?

Comet Neowise was discovered in late March by a space telescope and is going to be visible with the naked eye from anywhere in the United Kingdom for the rest of July.

This comet, known as C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), was discovered by astronomers using the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer on March 27.

The comet will be closest to the Earth on 23 July but will still be about 64 million miles (103 million km) away.

While several comets rarely survive the Sun's intense light and heat, NEOWISE has emerged from the ordeal brighter than before, startling space scientists in the process.

Newly released video from NASA shows the comet Neowise as it jets through space after it approached the sun.

Mr Smith recommended binoculars for looking at the comet, which is not expected back for nearly 7,000 years. Now, the comet is moving past Earth as it travels on its elliptical orbit further into the solar system, with a long glowing trail of dust and gases in tow.

A photographer in Italy captured the image of a lifetime when he snapped a picture showing two astronomical phenomena, including a streaking comet and "night-shining" clouds.

As a result, skygazers should attempt to get a glimpse of this latest visitor while they have the chance.

"I dragged my wife out of bed to see it at 2am and she was amazed that it had so quickly become a naked eye object".

NASA additional it will develop into even a lot easier to view as July continues, for skywatchers with a crystal clear see toward the horizon.

What is more interesting about the soon going to be visible comet is the fact that apart from veteran sky gazers and space enthusiasts, common man who has never had much of an interest in the heavenly bodies will also be able to see the comet first hand.

By July 25, the comet will appear 30 degrees up from the west-northwest horizon as darkness falls.

American Weather watcher Randy Small caught sight of the comet over Abbotsford from Whatcom County around 3:15 a.m., Saturday morning.

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