Authorities in Australian state of Victoria make masks compulsory for all

Authorities in Australian state of Victoria make masks compulsory for all

The current death toll for Victoria is 112, the highest in Australia.

The comments come after Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews revealed that his Australian state was essentially copying mask policies in OR and other places, though he didn't specify which.

From 11:59 pm on Sunday, regional Victorians will also be required to wear a face-covering in public, as well as city dwellers.

Mr Andrews said on Friday an analysis of data from the first half of the six-week Stage 3 lockdown would be conducted by health officials over the weekend.

"In terms of that effective reproduction rate, we are still hovering around one, maybe just under and what that means is that every positive case is infecting one other person", Mr Andrews said.

Andrews also said the state government will look into workplaces to protect employees, their families and their communities.

Victoria's curve, however, is only going up.

Australia has recorded over 16,000 coronavirus cases and 189 deaths in a population of 25 million. "Increasingly though, in some locations, we're seeing a different kind of spread".

Victoria has only mandated masks for over 12s.

Vietnam has registered 509 cases of the virus in total, with no deaths.

Queensland has also been exposed to the deadly virus after two women allegedly lied on their border declarations when they arrived in Brisbane from Melbourne via Sydney on July 21.

"The question now is whether OR will be the next NY OR the next Texas".

Prof Blakely agreed that if cases numbers were largely related to aged care then it was not unexpected for the numbers to be rising.

Beyond Blue's Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service is a /7 service free of charge to all Australians.

Earlier this month, Victoria told almost five million people around Melbourne, the country's second-most-populous city, to wear masks outside and stay home except for essential trips.

In Sydney, restrictions on numbers allowed inside the Gallipoli mosque caused large queues on Friday morning, with all worshippers wearing masks as the city battles growing clusters.

"Whether it's hotel quarantine at their expense, whether it's monitoring bracelets or really tough fines, we can not afford to let these people put the rest of us at risk", he said.

"Oregon is one of the outstanding examples (in the US)".

This is guaranteed not to contain the corona pandemic! Already, 4,000 have been paid out ($1.26 million).

"We can not open up with these numbers, we can not open up with significantly less than these numbers".

Prof Sutton said while Victoria's surge was disappointing, the lockdown was having an effect.

Hassan Vally, Associate Professor in Epidemiology at La Trobe University, said looking at overall trends, modelling suggested Victoria was at its peak.

"On some days the virus wins, on other days we beat it".

"Day by day, decision by decision - we can get on top of this".

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