College Football May Be Postponed

College Football May Be Postponed

Pitt's Jaylen Twyman and Penn State's Micah Parsons, who made a decision to opt out this season, soon might be joined by the entirety of their college football brethren.

Some weeks back, Louisville Athletics Director Vince Tyra said something about the intersection of sports and the coronavirus pandemic that seems especially relevant to the debate over whether college football should be played this fall.

Cornhuskers coach Scott Frost told reporters Monday the team intends to take the field this fall.

Meanwhile Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told Fox Sports Radio that the ACC and SEC should poach Big Ten players for the upcoming season. "No matter what that looks like and how that looks", Frost said.

'We have developed a great prototype for how we can make this work and provide the opportunity for players to play. We certainly hope it's in the Big Ten.

Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez expressed a similar sentiment. Governor Ivey says that it is a source of pride for our state, but at the same time, we need to do so while keeping everyone's safety at the forefront. "We want to play a Big Ten schedule".

Patrick also mentioned on his show that the Atlantic Coast Conference and Big 12 are reportedly still on the fence, while the Southeastern Conference is exploring ways to "get teams to join them for a season".

Some were in favor of the move.

Other players and coaches expressed their disappointment with the cancellation of the fall season, tweeting the hashtag #wewanttoplay and #wewanttocoach.

And while Harbaugh may not see eye to eye with all his fellow head coaches, they are on the same page here.

"I'm not advocating for football this fall because of my passion or our players desire to play but because of the facts accumulated over the last eight weeks since our players returned to campus on June 13", he wrote. "We are more likely to get the virus in everyday life than playing football".

"What Trevor Lawrence is doing, I mean he's putting things out that are incredibly well put from experience". Well as far as the Big 12 is concerned that meeting is scheduled to happen on Monday evening at 5 p.m. "Football season in Alabama is a major piece of our economy, but it is also a big part of the morale of our people". "Ultimately, our decision was guided by science and a deep commitment to the health and welfare of student-athletes".

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