Field of Dreams game officially PPD until 2021

Field of Dreams game officially PPD until 2021

The news comes amid multiple reports more Cardinals players and staff have tested positive for the virus on Monday.

The game was scheduled to take place at the site where the iconic 1989 baseball movie was filmed.

Louis Cardinals were set to have their Industry of Goals minute at the Iowa stadium where by the 1989 baseball title was filmed, until the COVID-19 pandemic spoiled their designs.

Major leaguers will not be coming to the famous "Field of Dreams" ballpark in Iowa this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The source said it was thought to be best to not ask teams to take any additional steps, like extra travel, outside of their normal routines under these extraordinary circumstances.

The Cardinals now have 13 members of the organization - including six players - who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last week. "We hope to host this event in Iowa in 2021".

The White Sox will be involved if the game happens in 2021, per MLB's release.

The game was initially to be played between the Yankees and the White Sox.

Field of Dreams stars Kevin Costner as local corn farmer Ray Kinsella who hears voices commanding him to build a baseball diamond in his farm.

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