Jerry Falwell Jr. denies he's resigning as president of Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr. denies he's resigning as president of Liberty University

President Donald Trump (L) and Jerry Falwell (R), President of Liberty University, pose for photos with members of gospel choir in 2017.

Why are the Falwells so influential?

The material Mr Granda showed Reuters includes screenshots from what Mr Granda said was a FaceTime conversation he had with the Falwells in 2019.

It was Mr Falwell Jr's father who took over Bakker's ministry, calling him a liar, a sexual deviant and "the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity". But as we discussed yesterday, the really consequential news will be on the Falwell's critical 2016 endorsement of then-candidate Trump and what role Trump and Michael Cohen's knowledge of Falwell's private life played in that decision.

It immediately raised Mr Trump's support among American evangelicals, a major constituency for the party.

Falwell is a towering figure in the US evangelical political movement. Falwell had been on indefinite paid leave since August 7, after he posted to Instagram then deleted a mildly racy photo from a yacht costume party.

I'm now very curious to see the day-two stories about Jerry Falwell, Jr.

A sign marks the entrance to Liberty University, Tuesday March 24, 2020, in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The college's honour code states that "Sexual relations outside of a biblically ordained marriage between a natural-born man and a natural-born woman are not permissible at Liberty University".

According to Reuters, Granda supplied "emails, text messages and other evidence that he says demonstrate the sexual nature of his relationship with the couple".

Over the weekend, Falwell issued a lengthy statement disclosing the "emotional toll" an affair his wife had with a man was having on him.

Jerry Falwell Jr and his wife Becki address the crowd during an event at Liberty University.

In the Reuters article, Granda denied the accusations of extortion. He also said he was "not involved" in his wife and Granda's affair.

Further scandals have since emerged, including someone who claimed to have had a sexual relationship involving Mr Falwell Jr and his wife.

GRANDA: "I'm not trying to do that".

A statement released late Monday evening by Liberty's spokesman Scott Lamb said that "matters came to light that made it clear that it would not be in the best interest of the University for him to return from leave and serve as President".

Its board of trustees, the statement read, "requested prayer and patience as they seek the Lord's will and also seek additional information for assessment".

But hours before Falwell resigned, Reuters reported that Falwell knew of his wife's affair and participated in some of the liaisons as a voyeur.


Late Monday, Falwell told ABC News and The Wall Street Journal that he had resigned. "I will be on indefinite leave".

Mr Falwell, 58, had taken an indefinite leave of absence earlier this month from Liberty.

He stepped down this summer after an uproar sparked by a photo he posted on social media that showed him with his trousers unzipped, stomach exposed and arm high around the waist of a woman who was not his wife.

Falwell later told a local radio station that the picture was meant as a good-natured joke.

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