Microsoft joins Epic, Unreal battle with Apple

Microsoft joins Epic, Unreal battle with Apple

As part of the event, Apple is giving away a (real-world) "Free Fortnite" hat, as well as, most tellingly, 1,200 phones, consoles, and PCs - in a fairly open bid to migrate iOS players to other platforms. This was after the developer's price possession, Fortnite was kicked out of the App Store after a disagreement on direct in-game payments.

USA tech and gaming giant Microsoft has issued a statement of support for adjective-loving developer Epic in its dispute over billing with gadget behemoth Apple. In the midst of this legal spat, Apple decided that this coming Friday, it would delete all of Epic's developer accounts and cut off access to the Apple SDK, effectively shutting down third-party access to Epic's Unreal Engine. Surprisingly, Microsoft did not declare its support for Epic in the case related to Fortnite's removal from App Store.

Epic's argument that builders could be unduly affected drew assist from Microsoft.

The new filing is just the latest development in the quickly escalating saga of Epic v. Apple, in which the former company alleges that Apple is abusing its dominant position in mobile and behaving in an anti-competitive fashion.

Xbox Division head Phil Spencer himself mentioned Microsoft's action on Twitter. For example, Kevin Gammill (Microsoft GM of Gaming Developer Experiences) said that it could cause Unreal Engine and games to rely on it to be "at a substantial disadvantage". In related news, Korea's antitrust regulator said on Monday that Apple Inc. proposed measures to address anticompetition concerns. The engine is also used in some desktop software for real-time 3D modeling - Disney's The Mandalorian utilized the Unreal Engine for creating live backdrops.

Besides filing the suit against Apple, Epic has filed a similar suit against Google.

That's due to the fact, over and above "Fortnite", Epic also would make the Unreal Motor software package suite - a established of computer software that is applied to generate online games, including the smartphone variations of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" and, of certain notice below, Microsoft-released smartphone racer "Forza Road".

Microsoft has a multi-year Unreal Engine License agreement. "Even uncertainty about the Unreal Engine's ability to continue supporting iOS and macOS will make it less likely for Microsoft (and, I believe, other game creators) to select Unreal Engine for their projects".

Epic Games' motion is scheduled for a hearing on Monday afternoon.

Apple and Google consequently pulled "Fortnite" from their digital stores and pointed out the upgrade as a terms-of-service offense.

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