Microsoft Unveils Updated Xbox Dashboard Design and Functionality

Microsoft Unveils Updated Xbox Dashboard Design and Functionality

In a new Xbox Wire post, Microsoft detailed what to expect from the interface, which the team says should feel "inviting and familiar", whether you play on your console, PC, or your Android device by way of xCloud game streaming. The publisher is offering those who own an Xbox One or PS4 copy a free Xbox Series X or PS5 version of the game, providing they make the switch before Federation Internationale de Football Association 22's launch.

At a glance, you'll note that text should be more legible, it's easier to understand onscreen elements at a glance, and the entirety of the dashboard is simply faster than before.

"It's doubtless you'll possibly well presumably presumably also no longer have the option to play all the scheme through console generation or wicked-play in Federation Internationale de Football Association 21", the tweet reads. It also features new tile shapes, fonts, a new illustration style, and additional changes. "The overall layout of most of the console pages remains familiar, just faster and more focused".

The new interface will debut with the Xbox Series X in November (according to leaked release details).

In addition, the home screen will load 50% faster than before, with loading back into a game also proving much quicker. "Moreover, these enhancements use 40 per cent a lot less memory than what was previously necessary". For price-savvy players, this could be a benefit while Game Pass subscribers would also see instant discounts for games (and the different in percentages). We've also consolidated notifications, which will reflect activity across mobile, PC, and console. Other improvements include the consolidation of Parties and Chat into a single tab to streamline communication and make it easier to track what's going on with your friends. "We will start off to roll them out in the coming weeks, and come November we'll rejoice a milestone in our person expertise journey along with the start of Xbox Sequence X".

The work won't stop there, though. Our vision is that, even though you'll have more choice than ever in where to play, when to play and who to play with - you'll know you're on Xbox.

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