Netflix Testing a Shuffle Button That Plays Random TV Shows and Movies

Netflix Testing a Shuffle Button That Plays Random TV Shows and Movies

Don't know what you're in the mood to watch? If you're among those, you will either see a "Shuffle Play" button on the profile selection screen, or a "Play Something" option in the Netflix TV app sidebar menu. When pressed, Netflix will randomly play content it thinks you'll like. Now available only on connected-TV devices-smart TVs, gaming consoles, set-top boxes-the function encourages people to not only watch more content, but try their luck with something different.

According to Variety the random shows selected will be chosen because they are similar to things you've watched before, or are from genres you've watched previously, or from things you have in "My List" section. Some users thought the addition could be fun or useful, while others just seem confused.

The subscription video on demand company disclosed that the feature is being introduced to help viewers find content quickly as per their tastes, TechCrunch reported.

However, while Netflix continues to test shuffle features, it has not yet confirmed that it will definitely launch this functionality to its entire user base, as it is still awaiting feedback on the current test.

Last year, Netflix tested a mode that let users choose a show and played random episodes from it. The test is being run worldwide with select users.

Users recently discovered a "Play Something" option in the TV app's navigation sidebar-a variation on the general shuffle concept, Netflix told TechCrunch, adding that the "Shuffle Play" button is the only official test now underway. The button appears on the profiles page only on TV devices, including Roku.

The streaming giant also said that the rollout began last month, and is only available on smart TVs.

The streamer will evaluate the results before deciding if to make it a permanent feature.

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