New Amazon Halo fitness band is created to track health

New Amazon Halo fitness band is created to track health

These recommendations will not show up on users' wrists, as the Amazon Halo does not feature a screen in order to avoid "constant notifications". The band has a small sensor capsule to deliver data to the app, such as an accelerometer, temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, two microphones, an LED indicator light and a button to turn microphones on or off. Both the band and service are available only in the United States for now. Again, Amazon's AI, computer vision, and machine learning technologies have created the Body to generate a personalized 3D body model of the user. Set a series of weekly points that are earned by doing all kinds of things, from going down and up stairs to cleaning the house or going for a run. Points can also be deducted for extended periods without significant activity.

It can't count steps, but can at least measure sleep and can track heart rate. Users are awarded a score out of 100 and offered insight into their sleeping habits.

Amazon will also enable users to measure their body fat percentage using their smartphone's camera and the Halo app. It has also debuted a complementary health and wellbeing tracking subscription, Halo, along with its wearable.

It's a gadget that the company calls the Halo Band.

With Amazon, there could be the potential for health devices to pitch us healthier foods in your shopping basket, recommend healthy eating or fitness books or programmes - there's certainly huge potential there. The Halo service is a separate product not part of the Amazon Prime service. For example, a wearer may discover specific exercises that work better than others they've done in the past.

All voice and speech data is also processed on the device itself - Amazon says the Halo is designed with "privacy in mind" - and deleted once they are analysed.

If you're anxious that the image of yours in a little piece of cloth would be exposed publicly, Amazon already clarified that "the images are processed in the cloud, but encrypted in transit and processed within seconds, after which they're automatically deleted from Amazon's systems and databases".

Those interested in the Amazon Halo Band can request entry into the early access program.

7246 INR (including 6 months free subscription) afterward 300INR/ month. You put it on and forget about it, wearing it 24 hours a day so it can monitor sleep as well as waking hours. Customers can choose from three colour combinations for their Amazon Halo Band: a Black fabric band with an Onyx sensor capsule, a Blush fabric band with a Rose Gold sensor capsule, or a Winter fabric band with a Silver sensor capsule. The band that comes with it is made of woven fabric but you will be able to purchase other straps in various designs and colors that are made from woven fabric and high-performance silicone.

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