Oracle reportedly also interested in TikTok's USA business Oh my(SQL)!

Oracle reportedly also interested in TikTok's USA business Oh my(SQL)!

On Friday, Trump signed a separate executive order for ByteDance to sell its interest in, the app it bought and merged with TikTok in 2017, citing national security.

Oracle's cofounder and executive chairman, Larry Ellison, is a Trump supporter who held a fundraiser for the president in February 2020.

According to a report from the Financial Times today (18 August), multinational technology company Oracle is the latest business to express an interest in acquiring Chinese social media platform TikTok. Oracle is already working with venture capitals, including Sequoia and General Atlantic.

I think its owner is a tremendous guy, a tremendous person. "I think he probably would like to deny China some of the proceeds of the TikTok sale", Kudlow added. TikTok also disclosed its review policy and the source code of its algorithm, Zhao told a press briefing. The billionaire recently held a fundraiser for the United States president at his estate in California.

It is unclear whether the White House is more supportive of Oracle's approach than that of Microsoft. CEO Satya Nadella has spoken to Trump directly about the deal.

Numerous listings are for staff to join the company's trust and safety team, which has been tasked with proving the app does not harvest or handle data in ways that are different to other social platforms, and doesn't siphon off data to China, Business insider reported.

The first bans U.S. companies or individuals from "transacting" with ByteDance and sets a 45-day deadline for the Chinese company to strike a deal to sell off TikTok's USA business.

Valued at roughly US$166 billion, Oracle held about US$43 billion in cash or near equivalents as of the end of May, making it one of few companies that could potentially afford the lofty price tag for TikTok.

US user data is stored here, with a backup in Singapore, according to TikTok.

Trump's action against TikTok came after he claimed China could use it to track the locations of federal employees, build dossiers on people for blackmail, and conduct corporate espionage.

Seeing as TikTok is Chinese-owned, Riot Games, Alibaba, AMC Theatres, and others face the same threat because they are also mandated to share data with Chinese communist spy agencies if requested.

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