Republican convention in Charlotte tied to 4 cases of Covid-19

Republican convention in Charlotte tied to 4 cases of Covid-19

Four people at the Republican National Convention in North Carolina this week tested positive for the novel coronavirus, officials said on Friday (Aug 28), even as Republicans played down the USA health crisis in renominating President Donald Trump.

Trump has consistently faced criticism over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and for not taking it more seriously in public.

Four people who were at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte have tested positive for the coronavirus, health officials in North Carolina's Mecklenburg County said.

The second night of the RNC featured speeches by first lady Melania Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, two of President Donald Trump's children, Tiffany and Eric Trump, and anti-abortion advocate Abby Johnson.

But over the weekend, delegates mingled for business meetings in a hotel ballroom and in events around the city that did not mandate masks - increasing the potential for infection ahead of Monday's event at the Charlotte Convention Center. In all, 792 Covid-19 tests were given to people who attended or provided support to the convention in Charlotte, the county said.

As Mediaite covered earlier, the setup on the White House South Lawn several hours before Trump's speech showed rows of folding chairs crowded closely together, making it clear that the CDC's recommended six feet of social distancing would be completely impossible. There are 1,500 seats and the rest of the crowd will have to stand.

"This is deeply irresponsible. We should expect better from our national leaders", Dr. Ashish Jha, the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, said in reaction to the scene at the RNC on Thursday, CNN's Jake Tapper reported.

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