Trump suggests delaying the November election

Trump suggests delaying the November election

That was the suggestion from Donald Trump this afternoon.

He said he had no "reason to think" the upcoming election would be rigged. The Commonwealth's governor issued an executive order that the voting would be delayed.

But the delay can not be indefinite. Tony Evers to stop a delay in the state's April election. "No way should we ever not hold our election on the day that we have it", McCarthy told CNN.

The general election date is set by federal law for the Tuesday after the first Monday in November -- Nov. 3 this year. POTUS simply doesn't have the authority to push the November 3 election date. But it is ultimately in Congress' gift - not the President's. If, for example, a candidate wins by a wide margin at the polls, he said it's unlikely that mail ballot results will completely reverse those outcomes. But that doesn't mean the results will be flawed or fraudulent, as President Trump again suggested Thursday. "Trump knows that the clock is ticking on his time in the White House, and there's nothing he can do to stop it".

Trump suggested that the country should "delay the election" as he trailed presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by an average of more than eight points in national polls. Under the Electoral College, electors under federal law would have to vote in mid-December, and Congress would have to convene in January to determine the presidential election victor. That could change, of course - but it will weigh on lawmakers' minds.

The US president does not have the power to change the date of the presidential election, that power falls on the US Congress, according to the constitution.

With fears over the coronavirus expected to lead to tens of thousands of additional mail ballots this election cycle, officials say they see no way that all votes will be counted to definitively call winners, especially in local races that could see more than half of all votes arrive via the mail.

This is roughly equivalent to postal voting in the UK.

You're sending out hundreds of millions of universal mail-in ballots.

Traditionally, mail-in absentee ballots have been used when people physically can't get to the polls.

And Trump has called remote voting options the "biggest risk" to his reelection. The secretary of state's been planning it for a long time.

"Second, you can't. Third, my state has proven year after year that vote-by-mail is safe and secure".

In June New York allowed voters to vote by post in the Democratic primary.

Democrats are pushing for mail-in-votes.

Since Mr Trump tweeted, top Republicans cited these elections while dismissing Mr Trump's suggestion. While it might be technically possible, he could not do it on his own.

Legislative changes may be required in some states.

Hours after suggesting a possible delay in the 2020 United States election, President Donald Trump says he does not want to postpone the vote but remains concerned that millions of mail-in ballots will cause problems. However, there is no evidence that this voting method is linked to increased fraud.

There is no evidence of meaningful fraud in USA elections, including with use of mail-in ballots, which are already common in some states.

Democrats have pushed to includes billions of dollars in the next coronavirus relief bill to fund election security and accessibility improvements for this year's vote, but Trump and Republicans have so far resisted those efforts.

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