United Kingdom u-turns on school exam grades after widespread criticism

United Kingdom u-turns on school exam grades after widespread criticism

To compound the issue for the government, results shows that grades were less likely to be lowered for those students who attended fee-paying private schools.

Downing Street insisted that Mr Johnson still has confidence in the Education Secretary and Ofqual chief Sally Collier.

The problem facing Williamson was that coronavirus lockdown meant schoolchildren couldn't sit their exams this year.

The government has faced days of criticism after Ofqual used an algorithm to assess grade predictions made by teachers, and lowered those grades for nearly 40 per cent of students taking their main school-leaving exams.

"It is time now to take action to ensure that next year's GCSEs and A-level results are not impacted in the same way as it is clear that the actions taken to date are inadequate and need to be improved", PaJeS added.

The new system, announced in the House of Commons by education secretary Gavin Williamson, means that students will now receive the higher of their teacher assessed grade or their moderated grade.

Johnson, who is on vacation, chaired a call on the crisis Monday with Williamson and senior officials.

The reviewed policy announced by him brings England in line with the other parts of the UK - Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - with education being a devolved subject.

The change will also apply to GCSE results in England, which are due to be released on Thursday.

However, Number 10 subsequently stated: "We will not be delaying GCSE results".

Asked whether Mr Williamson should resign, he said: "Really, what I am interested in now is getting this right for the thousands of people".

Students protest outside the constituency office of Gavin Williamson in Codsall earlier on Monday.

Posting a party video contrasting footage of Johnson promising young people a "superb education" with A-level students speaking of their devastation after receiving downgraded results, Starmer said the prime minister "is watching from the sidelines while a generation of young people are being robbed of their future".

"We continue to work hard to come up with the fairest system possible".

In a stinging criticism of the Government's handling of the episode, she said: "It is notable that other countries in Europe have managed to find better, more creative and fairer ways than the United Kingdom of replacing or managing final school examinations during Covid-19".

There was growing uproar among teachers, students and parents after almost 40 per cent of grades were downgraded from those predicted based on students' past performance, after examinations had to be cancelled earlier in the year due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

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