'Who's the Boss' Reboot: Alyssa Milano Confirms Sitcom's Revival

'Who's the Boss' Reboot: Alyssa Milano Confirms Sitcom's Revival

The series is in development at Sony Pictures Television, according to a statement from Sony, but there's no word yet on which network or streaming service will air the final product. Produced by Sony Pictures Television, this won't be a reboot but following in the recently successful footsteps of other classic series revivals, Who's the Boss? will be a sequel series with original stars Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano set to reprise their roles.

The beloved '80s sitcom followed widower and former pro baseball player named Tony Micelli-played by Tony Danza-who takes a job as a housekeeper for high-powered divorced businesswoman Angela Bower-played by Judith Light-and her son. She's a single mother who lives in the home in which the original series was set - much in the vein of another nostalgia-mining reboot, Netflix's "Fuller House". Danza and Milano starred as Tony and Samantha Micelli, a father-daughter duo that defied traditional gender roles and stereotypes, over an eight-season run on ABC from 1984 to 1992. "So happy", Milano said on Instagram alongside a photo of herself with Danza from the show. "In line with Norman Lear's classic shows, the new comedy will explore generational differences, as well as opposing world views and parenting styles within the dynamic of a modern family in 2020", Deadline wrote.

Potentially joining Danza and Milano are original cast members Judith Light and Danny Pintauro, who portrayed the roles of Angela and Jonathan, are reportedly open to find creative ways that will bring back their characters for the sequel.

They are "supportive of the new series", the studio said. Series star Katherine Helmond died in 2019 at the age of 89. When the new project is taken out to buyers, they will have the option to license all the episodes of the original show as well.

"I think (my character Samantha) would have (her own) kids and Tony would be a grandfather", Milano remarked.

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