Yale Saliva Test For COVID-19 Gets FDA Approval

Yale Saliva Test For COVID-19 Gets FDA Approval

The total cost of the reagents needed for one test is roughly $5, meaning it could be offered to the public for much less, perhaps as little as $10.

According to a report by CNN the SalivaDirect test, created by researchers from the Yale School of Public Health, received emergency-use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration on Saturday.

Stuff reporter Matthew Littlewood takes part in a coronavirus swab test at a Covid-19 testing clinic.

Hawai'i is among the worst states in the nation statistically for coronavirus spread rate, as thousands of cases have been identified in August alone. The results are on par with the traditional swab test.

According to Johns Hopkins University - this FDA announcement comes as the US death toll for known COVID-19 cases passes 170,000.

The report said that the SalivaDirect test doesn't require a specific swab or collection device, unlike some other tests that require specialized supplies, and it can also be used with reagents from multiple vendors.

"With saliva being quick and easy to collect, we realized it could be a game-changer in COVID-19 diagnostics", said Wyllie. The turnaround time for results should be faster as well, Dr. Grubaug said, because the test uses equipment and compounds found in most labs. Beyond the innovations in the technology itself (which we'll get into), the test, called SalivaDirect, has another unique characteristic: it was partially funded by the NBA and NBA Players' Association. Impressively, the tests did not produce any false results, compared to other similar COVID-19 tests today. The test also does not need additional chemicals for extracting the virus' RNA from the sample, which have been in high demand for months.

The Yale team is further testing whether the saliva method can be used to find coronavirus cases among people who don't have any symptoms and has been working with players and staff from the National Basketball Association. This means that the Federal agency found this type of test with "variable performance". In this new creation of Yale, the wishes may soon come true.

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