80 special trains from September 12

80 special trains from September 12

On a question about the Supreme Court order to remove about 48,000 shanties along the tracks in the national capital within three months, Yadav said: "Immediate action for removing garbage along the tracks will be taken jointly by the Delhi government and the Railways in accordance with the top court's orders".

Meanwhile, 07007-07008 Secunderabad-Darbhanga-Secunderabad will not touch Nagpur but will pass through Ballarshah and Gondia stations.

Indian Railways has announced to run 80 (40 pairs) of special trains starting from September 12, 2020. "Reservations will begin from September 10".

Yadav said the Railways will be monitoring all the trains that are now in operation to determine which trains have a long waiting list.

He also rejected media reports that the railways may stop operating about 500 trains. "We have selected these trains keeping the prevailing demand pattern in mind. There is a trend of migrant workers returning to their place of work and hence some of the trains will cater to that need", he added. This is different from the Vande Bharat train-sets that the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) used to operate in the pre-lockdown phase.

He further said that the bullet train project has been progressing well and that Covid-19 affected a few tenders and land acquisition process.

Yadav said the railways will monitor all the trains that are now in operation to determine which trains have a long waiting list. Railways is also firming up plans to run metro trains in Kolkata. The clone train was first contemplated in 2016.

According to a statement issued by the South Western Railways on Saturday, these services shall be in addition to the Shramik specials and the special trains, which are already in operation. The national transporter, however, announced that 230 special trains which are running at present, will continue to operate.

Moreover, whenever there is demand from states for exams or other similar purposes more trains would be operated.

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