African countries engaging in ground-breaking COVID-19 vaccine initiative

African countries engaging in ground-breaking COVID-19 vaccine initiative

Moncef Slaoui, the chief adviser for the White House vaccine program, said Thursday that it was "extremely unlikely but not impossible" that a vaccine could be available by the end of October.

"Showing safety will be crucial with Covid-19 vaccines, not only for vaccine acceptance but also for trust in vaccination broadly", he said in a commentary in the Lancet.

He said that there was "no intent" to introduce a vaccine before clinical trials were completed, and that trials would be completed only when an independent safety monitoring board, separate from the government, affirmed the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The effort is so critical, the USA government is spending billions to make doses of vaccine that may be wasted if clinical trials don't show them to be safe and effective.

The government will also separately spend 200 billion won into research centers for infectious diseases in a bid to raise the nation's anti-epidemic capabilities.

USA drugmaker Pfizer should know in October if a COVID-19 vaccine it is developing works, Chief Executive Albert Bourla said on Thursday, potentially placing it at the centre of bitter U.S. presidential politics ahead of the November 3 election.

Under normal procedures, test administrators must wait for months or years to verify that vaccine candidates are safe and efficacious.

"There are a lot of discussions and initiatives on the continent to make sure that the situation we are in today changes; that after Covid-19, African countries can have the capability to produce vaccines in case of an emergency or a pandemic like this". "So, we will, before we recommend New Yorkers take any vaccine, we will have the State Department of Health review it". "We've been ramping up that effort many-fold in the past few weeks". In the phase 2, which began no earlier than five days after the phase 1 trial began, participants received the full two-part vaccine.

Any COVID-19 vaccine distribution would be "large-scale" according to the August 27 letter Redfield sent to governors.

The medical journal said on Friday the results of the trials - conducted in June-July and involving 76 people - showed 100 percent of participants developing antibodies to the new coronavirus and no serious side-effects.

The CDC gave technical specifications for the storage, shipping and mixing of either vaccine A or vaccine B, which is likely two vaccines being developed by Pfizer and Moderna, the two that are furthest along in clinical trials, The Times reported. "We have one chance with the public's goodwill to get the vaccine right".

Now under development by World Health Organization, the COVAX allocation framework will guide how and where UNICEF, PAHO and other procurers working on behalf of participating countries supply COVID-19 vaccines that are secured by the Facility. In June, Washington quadrupled its COVID-19 funding commitment to Southeast Asia from $18 million to $77 million, making it the largest individual donor country to the region, at least in terms of monetary value.

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