Anti-lockdown protests turn violent in Melbourne

Anti-lockdown protests turn violent in Melbourne

Let's not any of us do anything that might jeopardise this strategy stopping, let's not any of us do anything that might see more coronavirus cases rather than less.

Police in Melbourne in the Australian state of Victoria made 15 arrests as about 300 people protested against lockdown restrictions.

Melbourne's stage 4 restrictions, which had been due to end on September 13, shut most of the economy, limited people's movements to a 5-km (3-mile) zone around their homes for one hour a day and imposed a night time curfew.

"We participated in consultations on the plan in good faith but it is clear the Victorian government has chosen to ignore practical advice about how to now safely reopen workplaces and get the economy moving", CEO Innes Willox said. "We have to take steady and safe steps out of lockdown to find that COVID normal", Andrews said.

Victoria has been in a six-week lockdown since July to curb a coronavirus outbreak that has fuelled Australia's second wave.

Victoria on Sunday reported 63 new COVID-19 infections and 5 deaths, down from a peak of 725 new cases on August 5, shortly after the state imposed a six-week hard lockdown in its capital Melbourne.

However, the new measures have not yet been officially confirmed, with Mr Andrews set to announce the full plan this afternoon.

"The tail of the second wave is a stubborn thing", Mr Andrews said.

"This is a health problem in the first instance and until you fix the health problem, there can be no economic repair", he said.

People living alone can nominate a friend or family member who can visit them and two hours of daily exercise will be allowed, including "social interactions" such as having a picnic at a local park or reading a book at the beach.

The Victorian government has flagged dropping all restrictions by the end of November, but only if there have been no new COVID cases in the 14 days prior. Public outdoor gatherings of two people will be allowed, and playgrounds will reopen. Authorities say India's daily testing now exceeds one million people.

Public gatherings will be increased to two people for up to two hours.

"I'm disappointed too that I can not have better news for people today but false hope is no hope". I'm disappointed too that we can not open up faster.

PM Scott Morrison said seven of the country's eight states and territories had agreed to open their internal borders by December.

Restrictions will be eased further from November 23, when beauticians, gyms and real estate businesses can open with appropriated safety measures.

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