Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Tapes Are Going Public

Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Tapes Are Going Public

If the grand jury heard from any of the 12 witnesses in the same apartment complex who refuted the police's claim that the officers made themselves known before entering Taylor's apartment as well as the one witness who backed their claim. If convicted on all three charges, Hankison faces between three and 15 years in prison.

Fischer allowed the city's curfew to lapse on Monday and said local officials were grateful that most of the protests had been peaceful. (NBC News)Speaker after speaker pilloried that outcome, repeatedly criticizing Cameron, the police force and the country's justice system, which Tamika Palmer, Taylor's mother, described as fundamentally not set up to protect people of color in America.

"This justification bars us from pursuing charges in Ms. Breonna Taylor's death", Cameron said.

But the attorney general also warned that releasing the grand jury recording could create problems for an ongoing Federal Bureau of Investigation inquiry into the police shooting that killed Taylor.

Cameron said his office's investigation found that while the three officers fired multiple shots into the couple's apartment, Mattingly was not hit by friendly fire. She broke down crying, he said. Ben Crump, a civil rights attorney representing Taylor's family, said the indictment "doesn't make sense" and that Taylor's family was "outraged, they were insulted, and they were mostly offended". Walker was charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, but the charges were dropped.

"It is the fear of the Petitioner that, Attorney General Cameron would attempt to utilize the court's contempt powers ... if there was a public disclosure that contradicted certain things that he stated happened during the proceedings, characterized the singularity of the decision in a different light, or raised doubts about charges that were presented during the proceedings", the motion states. One officer was wounded. She tested negative for drugs and alcohol.

Scott, the state's only Black woman representative, was arrested and charged Thursday night with the felony of first-degree rioting as well as unlawful assembly and failure to disperse, which are misdemeanouroffences.

He was sacked from the police department in June.

She said police accused her of vandalising the library, which she called "absurd" considering her public position on libraries and a statement by the library workers union defending her as a "vocal supporter for libraries".

The law defines first-degree rioting as knowingly participating in a riot that causes injury to a person who is not rioting or causes substantial property damage. The officers in the raid, all seven of them, did not comply. "An EMT with aspirations to be a nurse, she was one of the people whose daily labor of keeping people safe we have come to value anew in the age of COVID-19". "They started yelling, 'Circle 'em, circle 'em.' They wouldn't let us leave to go back to our vehicle".

Republicans have overwhelming majorities in both chambers of the Kentucky legislature.

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