Delhi Police arrests two for passing secret information to Chinese intelligence

Delhi Police arrests two for passing secret information to Chinese intelligence

The accused includes a Chinese women and her Nepali associate.

The Delhi Police said on Friday that they have arrested a freelance journalist, found in possession of defence-related classified documents, in connection with a case under the Official Secrets Act, PTI reported. The police officer alleged that the freelance journalist got "Rs 40 lakh in one-and-a-half years and he was getting United States dollars 1,000 for each information", according to PTI.

A large number of mobile phones, laptops and other incriminating and sensitive material have been recovered, according to reports.

Subsequently, a Delhi journalist, who wrote for Iran's official news agency, was also arrested for playing in the hands of the Iranian secret service, the PCI said.

Sharma is accused of taking more than 3 million Indian rupees (€34,400; $40,755) from his handlers in exchange for the sensitive information.

It cited two cases of journalists who were arrested for having working for foreign security agencies, but in both examples, the police were found to have made a false case.

"Sharma was continuously giving information to Chinese intelligence about India-China border dispute, current border problem with China, Army's deployment and procurement, and Indian government's border strategy", Yadav said. The two handlers are based in Kunming City in China, he said.

From 2010-2014, Sharma wrote articles for The Global Times a newspaper controlled by China's Communist party.

The Delhi Police further claimed that during the meeting, Michael and his junior, Xou, asked Sharma to provide inputs on various aspects of India-China relations.

In a statement, the Delhi Police said 61-year-old Rajeev Sharma was arrested earlier this week and officers had seized some confidential documents related to the Indian defence department from the journalist's residence.

Sharma came in contact with George in January 2019.

Sharma was allegedly responsible for sending Chinese officers information on topics like Indian troop deployments on the Bhutan-India border, defense acquisitions, India's military cooperation with Myanmar, and the Dalai Lama. He added that both were presently in China and on their behalf, another Qing Shi and Bhora, directors of MZ Pharmacy, were operating the business from Mahipal Pur. "Identities and roles of other foreign nationals involved in the conspiracy are also being ascertained Further investigation is in progress".

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