Disney Plus ‘Mulan’ Early-Access Purchase Available on Amazon Fire TV

Disney Plus ‘Mulan’ Early-Access Purchase Available on Amazon Fire TV

The date was then rescheduled to August 21, 2020 before Disney made a decision to release it online on Disney+.

It is also the very first Disney film to feature an all-Asian cast. Viewers will have to pay a premium rental of $30 (approximately Rs. 2,200) on top of a subscription for the streaming service to watch the movie.

What is Disney+ Premier Access?

"Mulan" will become available on Disney's streaming service starting on september 4 for the price of $29.99. Are people still angry over the $30 fee and no Mushu? Plus, you can make your popcorn at home.

When you log into your Disney+ account and click on the ad for Mulan the option to get Premier Access should be there, explains Disney. From September 4th, the movie will be available for unlimited viewings for the cost of £19.99, until December 4th when Mulan will then be accessible to all Disney+ subscribers.

Mulan's delayed release, straight to Disney Plus rather than in cinemas due to coronavirus, comes off the back of three Disney remakes previous year.

Because the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic has made it unsafe for many movie theatres to open themselves to the public, Disney made the interesting choice of pushing its much-delayed Mulan remake straight to its Disney+ streaming service.

Based on a Chinese legend, the movie is about a young woman named Mulan (played by Liu Yifei) who lives with her family in an idyllic village that is attacked by invaders, a band of Rouran raiders led by Bori Khan (Jason Scott Lee).

In the original animated film, Li Shang falls in love with Mulan after she enters the army disguised as a man. "If you see it on a 40-foot screen and you hear composer Harry Gregson-Williams' score in surround sound, it's fantastic". Lightly mixing in wire-fu (wuxia) into her arsenal of filmmaking tricks, Caro stages the bloodless battles with an exacting eye for visual composition and spatial coherence. We haven't switched her out with a stunt performer. "It's just cinema and extraordinary performance in every way". I was looking forward to finally seeing for myself what the fuss was all about.

'Mulan' Review: Restrained, Muted, Respectful To A FaultNiki Caro's lavish and handsomely-staged remake prioritizes honor over exhilaration.

Ms Liu is not the only Mulan star under fire, castmate Donnie Yen has been criticised for reportedly expressing pro-China sentiment.

Mulan discovers her untapped strength through her training.

Disney super-fan Emily Talbut, from the United Kingdom, says fans will want to see it "to support those lesser-known actors and encourage Disney to continue making films like that". "Niki staged it in a way, with the mist clearing and the reveal of the armies and the score, you have this huge epic moment that you don't really get that often". You can check out the trailer for the movie below and decide for yourself if it's worth the extra fee (but we think it totally is).

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