Dr Reddy’s inks deal to distribute 100 mn doses of Sputnik V

Dr Reddy’s inks deal to distribute 100 mn doses of Sputnik V

In its announcement, DRL stated that it has reached an agreement with the Russian sovereign wealth fund involved in the talks - Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) - to conduct phase 3 human clinical trials of the Sputnik V vaccine in India.

According to the media reports, on July 21, clinical trials for Russia's second COVID-19 vaccine were approved, and on July 27, the first volunteer was given a COVID-19 dose. The report further quoted a company spokesperson as saying that each dose of the Sputnik V vaccine will consist of two separate vials. Subject to successful trials and the Indian drug regulator's approval, 10 crore doses will be supplied. It has also signed a memorandum with the Saudi Chemical company.

And as per the hints being received from the authorities so far, healthcare and frontline workers, or "COVID warriors", who are the forefront of the country's battle with the virus and are most susceptible to it, will be the first ones to receive any vaccine that passes all regulatory norms.

Scientists across the world have been criticising Russian Federation for rushing the trials of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This is expected to help the body recognise the spike protein as a foreign substance and build an immune response against it so that it can tackle the real virus when it tries to infect.

Russia health ministry claimed that the coronavirus vaccine offers lasting immunity from the virus.

The vaccine, developed by Moscow-based Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, was approved on August 11, even before phase 3 trials were conducted. It is an adenovirus vector-based vaccine developed by the Gamalaleya National Center.

Around 100 volunteers will take part in the trials, the Belarusian Health Ministry added, calling on those wishing to join to submit applications on the websites of the eight health-care facilities in Minsk and Vitebsk where the trials will be held. The trials in India too were allowed to restart on Tuesday with some riders, PTI reported. The preliminary results of the human clinical trial were published in the Lancet Journal on September 4. The vaccine is now undergoing its third trial phase, in which 40,000 Muscovites will receive the vaccination and be monitored for side effects.

"On both the tracks, there has been significant movement", Dr Paul had said. "Others are in discussions with Russian counterparts and the government is facilitating that process of how that connect can be made, and there may be specific outcomes very soon in that regard".

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