New Saline County COVID-19 Cases

New Saline County COVID-19 Cases

For the seven days ending September 1, that age group accounted for 34 new cases or 19.4 percent of the total cases in the previous week, according to Public Health data.

Meanwhile, 3,101 people are now under public health monitoring due to exposure to known coronavirus cases.

People in Dublin are being urged to stop entertaining friends and wider family in their homes - even for occasions like christenings - as the capital is on course to be the epicentre for the deadly Covid-19 virus. A total of 5,086 people who had tested positive for the virus are now considered recovered.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment began releasing active locations of outbreaks.

But there is no evidence of an outbreak in any school, where one child passed it on to another or an adult. Mason County staff are performing case investigations and tracing close contacts to reduce spread of COVID-19 in our community. While spikes in the two cities are causing concern, Martin said that "there haven't been any recommendations from NPHET on restrictions for Dublin and Limerick at the moment". "What this means is that we have to put measures in place now to ensure our health-care centres, communities and all of us are ready for what may be ahead".

"The steps each of us takes today and in the coming weeks, including taking a few minutes to get your influenza immunization, will make a difference tomorrow", said the pair. That age group is about 9 percent of total COVID-19 cases to date. There is now a total of 30,164 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland.

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