Pupils self-isolate after second Covid-19 case

Pupils self-isolate after second Covid-19 case

School administrators issued a statement Wednesday afternoon indicating the district had been notified of another COVID-19 case involving a student.

Summit Middle School during the COVID-19 closure in March.

"It is critical that we work together with the health department to contact these individuals and inform them of the need to quarantine", Stokes said in the statement. She couldn't say whether all of those cases were at the high school level.

"Students have to be divided into smaller groups", said Theresa Kemper, the district's superintendent.

The district has reported 49 student and staff member cases since the school year began August 24.

Mark Tomkins head teacher at Maidstone Grammar School
Mark Tomkins head teacher at Maidstone Grammar School

Confirming the decision to order the entire year to self-isolate, head teacher Mark Tomkins said: "Following a second confirmed case of coronavirus in Year 13 and, after seeking advice from both the DfE and Public Health England, the school has taken the decision to send all year 13 students home to self-isolate for 14 days". They may still visit campus for activity classes and practices sanctioned by the Arkansas Activities Association.

Kittitas County is now 'phase 3, ' with a total of 530 coronavirus cases confirmed this year. West High School had 2,153 students enrolled, with 499 students, or 23%, doing school online.

It's not a question of teachers not wanting to do their job; they can teach remotely just as easily at home in self-isolation, as from school, said Proctor.

Based on a draft of the McHenry County health department's metrics reported this week by the Northwest Herald, the county as a whole had reached the recommended thresholds for moving to hybrid educational models featuring some in-person and some remote learning. "Thanks to our colleagues' vigilant efforts to keep our school community safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are able to continue to provide in-person instruction". Farmington has suspended all junior varsity and varsity athletic competitions through Saturday.

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