Second stimulus check: Republicans unveil coronavirus relief bill; Is second stimulus included?

Second stimulus check: Republicans unveil coronavirus relief bill; Is second stimulus included?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled an updated version of a potential coronavirus relief bill on Tuesday, which differs in some key ways from the HEALS Act, as lawmakers struggle to find agreeable terms to provide financial support to American households.

The GOP's "targeted" proposal hasn't been released yet, but last week Republicans were considering $300 weekly payments for enhanced unemployment, an additional $258 billion for renewing the small business Paycheck Protection Program, $29 billion for vaccine research, $16 billion for testing and contact tracing, and $105 billion for schools. That provision, however, expired on July 31.

McConnell is looking to push a vote on the latest bill as early as this week, but Democrats have already indicated they do not support the measure.

"With no money for rental assistance, no money for nutrition assistance, and no money for state and local services, the census, or safe elections, [McConnell] and Senate Republicans would be making another unacceptable and ineffective attempt at providing relief", he added.

"At least it's something - rather than a wish list that's got so much in there, that I think nearly every American knows we can't afford", said Braun. She graduated from Columbia University School of Journalism and was previously a News and Politics Writer for Bustle News. "These lawsuits further threaten to undermine the Nation's fight against the virus by exposing our health care workers and health care facilities to liability for hard medical decisions they have made under trying and uncertain circumstances".

The latest bill also does not include provisions for another round of stimulus checks, which appeared to be a provision that both parties had agreed on.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) bashed the GOP bill saying, "Leader McConnell isn't searching for bipartisan progress-he seems to be looking for political cover".

Democrats are expected to block the Republican bill from advancing, arguing that there is nothing bipartisan about it and that it falls far short of the nation's needs during a pandemic that has killed almost 190,000 people in the United States and brought massive job losses.

"It does not contain every idea our party likes". On the Senate floor Wednesday, McConnell said "Democrats just point fingers, call names, and keep blocking American families from getting any more help before the November election".

Republicans and Democrats have been jockeying for months over the next phase of coronavirus aid, after passing more than $3 trillion this year.

But it was unclear whether any such deal would emerge anytime soon after a series of negotiations between the White House and congressional Democrats sputtered.

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