US West Coast wildfires claim at least 33 lives

US West Coast wildfires claim at least 33 lives

So far in 2020, "wildfires have burned over 3.2 million acres in California, which is larger than the State of Connecticut", Cal Fire says.

Tracy Koa, a high school teacher, returned to Talent, Oregon, on Saturday after evacuating with her partner, Dave Tanksle, and 13-year-old daughter to find her house and neighborhood reduced to heaps of ash and rubble.

"You're the reason they're setting fires up here", she said, perhaps referring to false rumors that left-wing activists had sparked the wildfires. "You think of every family and every situation and every burnt-down auto, and there are just no words for it".

There's concern that two of the biggest blazes threatening cities and towns near Portland - the Beachie Creek and Riverside fires - will combine in the coming days. "We have innumerable friends and neighbors who are experiencing the same horror alongside us in our community", he said.

Still, emergency officials anxious that the shifting weather might not be enough to quell the fires.

As wildfires rage on in other states, Arizona resources continue to be deployed to the front lines. "I know we come from different sides of the planet, but we actually have a great relationship".

Still, Oregon emergency officials anxious that the shifting weather might bring increased winds after fires killed at least 10 people, with dozens of people missing, according to Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Officials have said dozens of people are missing and warned that the death toll could rise.

"The 16 large fires in OR total about 878,000 acres of fire, while the 13 large fires in Washington are at about 676,000 acres", according to the Bureau of Land Management office for those two states. "Please remember the words, very simple, forest management". Satellite images showed the smoke was wafting inland in the eastern direction, the Bureau of Land Management said on Twitter on Sunday.

President Trump sits down for wildfire briefing with Calif. officials

Two Battalion Chiefs were also sent to Washington for military training for wildfire support.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown said her state was facing "the ideal firestorm". Brown told CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday.

"We need a president who respects science, who understands that the damage from climate change is already here", added Biden, who was speaking in Delaware.

Authorities in California, where 24 people have died since 15 August, reported on Sunday that firefighters were working to contain 29 major wildfires across the state.

With crews battling wildfires that have killed at least 35 people, destroyed neighborhoods and enveloped the West Coast in smoke, another fight has emerged: leaders in the Democratic-led states and President Donald Trump have clashed over the role of climate change ahead of his visit Monday to California.

Biden pilloried the president for his response to the fires - which has included blaming the state for doing a poor job of raking leaves in forests and threatening to withhold desperately needed federal aid - and he took aim at Trump's broader effort to scrap federal action to curb climate change.

Trump, however, pushed back on Crowfoot's assessment, telling him that "it'll start getting cooler, just watch".

In California, more than 4,000 homes and other structures have been destroyed over the past three weeks. Tens of thousands remain under evacuation orders.

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