'Dexter' And His Reign Of Terror To Return in 2021

'Dexter' And His Reign Of Terror To Return in 2021

Dexter will return to U.S. cable network Showtime with a 10-episode revival. But apparently, a Dexter reboot is both commercially and culturally viable enough for Showtime to order a limited-series revival; hopefully to right the wrongs of the once-beloved hit serial killer drama starring Michael C. Hall. The show will production in early 2021, with a premiere date tentatively set for fall 2021.

Dexter aired for eight seasons and 96 episodes on Showtime, from 2006 until 2013.

Gary Levine and Jana Winograde, presidents of entertainment at Showtime Networks, announced the order yesterday.

Fans online seem to be generally excited about Dexter's return, with apparently unfinished business and the chance to binge on some more potentially murderous action next year.

They will be penned by original executive producer Clyde Phillips and Showtime is striving for an autumn 2021 premiere in the US. Moreover, the charismatic Dexter of the series, Michael C. Hall, will be in the new season. Think in terms here of whether or not we're going to be seeing Dexter Morgan (series finale spoiler alert) stop his current gig as a lumberjack and return to society.

Clyde Phillips who functioned as showrunner for its first four seasons of Dexter earlier leaving in 2009, will helm the new string, based on the Hollywood Reporter.

There are absolutely no details as to what this continuation could include, or which surviving characters might return.

ShowtimeIs Dexter on Netflix?

"We only want to see this unique character again if we get a creative adoption that was really bright, appropriate to the original series".

He added of the season eight finale: "The way that show ended gave no sense of closure for people and a lot of questions unanswered". When we last left Dexter Morgan, his associates believed he died, when in actuality, he made it to OR under a new identity.

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