Emma Roberts reveals she blocked her mom after pregnancy news leak

Emma Roberts reveals she blocked her mom after pregnancy news leak

It went as far as Roberts blocking her mom on social media. In Roberts' case, her mom couldn't have made more of a blunder.

In her own pregnancy announcement, she revealed that she will be having a baby boy.

It was through an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that actress Emma Roberts narrated that at first she and her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund wanted to keep the news to themselves.

Emma Roberts wasn't happy when her mom, Kelly Cunningham, confirmed her pregnancy online. With this she confirmed the baby gender.

At that time, Kelly Cunningham, Roberts' mother could not understand the annoyance of her daughter who according to her would have already officially announced the news, however it would not have been the case, she had been carried away by a publication. Emma has appeared in so many movies and shows like, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, We're the Millers, Nerve, Wild Child, Scream 4, Hotel for Dogs, Aquamarine, Unfabulous, It's kind of a amusing story, Nancy Drew, The hunt, The art of Getting By, Little Italy, Blow, Paradise Hill, Valentine's Day, Holidate, Adult World, Billionaire Boys Club, The winning season, Lymelife and many more. "I was, like, "Now we can FaceTime and iMessage". Seeing as Emma is a pretty private person, her mother's actions pissed her off and Emma actually blocked her on Instagram.

Emma Roberts learned the hard way that parents, big secrets, and social media often creates a recipe for disaster! But then that "grew to a couple thousand". [Buying her an iPhone was] the worst thing I ever did, ' Emma began. "It started slow with a Google Alert on me, which she never had before, so she's like, 'Emma, have you seen this photo from 2010?!' I'm like, 'Yes, I've seen that photo.' So I'm getting flooded with 'Is this true?' And 'Have you seen this and that?' And then she got Instagram". "I blocked her at one point. I could just iMessage with her and DM her and ask her to please stop". Monday night, Emma Roberts revealed her reaction to her mom accidentally revealing her pregnancy.

"I blocked her at one point".

The snafu resulted in a move that almost every kid with a parent on social media has probably done, or considered doing, in their life. You can tell me what you want to name the baby.' And he was just very tight-lipped and then he did finally, he came up with a victor that was really good.

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