Google Chat will become available as a free service next year

Google Chat will become available as a free service next year

The move follows through on plans Google initially spread out in 2019, when it resigned Hangout uphold for G Suite clients and indicated that help for singular clients would take action accordingly in 2020.

Ever since Google announced back in 2017 that Hangouts would be split into the Chat and Meet apps, consumers have been curious about when to expect major changes.

While Chat isn't an exact 1-to-1 replacement of Hangouts, it actually offers a bunch of additional features for group chats and collaboration around files and tasks, as well as new security tools. That experience will migrate to Google's Messages app.

Google says it will automatically migrate all Hangouts conversations, contacts and history to Chat, but it's not providing details about this yet. Once they finalize all of those specifics, they plan to share more.

Google notes that timing may slip, but this is what it now intends. At present, it's an opt-in change.

Google Chat is targeted at businesses and workplaces right now, but that's changing next year. Customers who only have enabled Chat, with classic Hangouts completely disabled, will not be impacted.

As a component of the move, Google said it intends to end Fi uphold in Hangouts ahead of schedule one year from now, with similar SMS access migrated to the Messages application. And users won't be able to call phone numbers from Hangouts starting early next year. Likewise, Google Voice subscribers who previously used Hangouts to manage calls will be directed to use the Voice app instead.

Slack said last month that it added 8,000 new paid customers and had more than 87 paid customers that provided revenue in excess of $1 million in recurring revenue.

As for Google Voice, the big news here is that Google is going to further disconnect Voice from Hangouts.

In order that's it - Google Chat is lastly opening as much as everybody early subsequent yr, plus Google Fi and Voice are now not mates with Hangouts.

Google said it has seen more users shift away from using Hangouts to manage their texting and calling needs, so it is doing away with Fi support (Google's carrier service in the US) in Hangouts.

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