Halo Infinite loses another director as Chris Lee departs

Halo Infinite loses another director as Chris Lee departs

Another day, another bit of disappointing Halo news. The title was originally slated to release alongside the upcoming Xbox Series X and S as consoles' flagship game, but was delayed into 2021 after poor reception to a demo version.

Halo Infinite Studio Head Chris Lee has decided that now is a good time to step down from his role on the project. The game was properly revealed at an Xbox Games Showcase event back in July.

It is no secret that Halo Infinite has had some turbulence during its long development cycle.

"Chris Lee remains a Microsoft employee and while he has stepped back from Halo: Infinite right now, we appreciate all he has done for the project to date", Microsoft said in a statement provided to Bloomberg. Just like when I reported that Microsoft/343 was considering shipping Infinite in pieces, which was later confirmed, I was initially drug through the swamps of the Halo community as spreading misinformation. Unfortunately, this price also came with a nasty surprise: the ARV (Approximate Retail Value) of a single Halo Infinite Armor Coating is $5. While the multiplayer was relatively successful there, fair criticism was labeled at the game's disappointing campaign. Halo Infinite features a renewed focus on Master Chief, but whether that can carry the game now is still unknown.

The development of Halo Infinite has had more than its fair share of ups and downs over the last several months.

Previously, Halo Infinite lost its Creative Director, Tim Longo, in 2019, followed by producer Mary Olson.

The aforementioned Halo Infinite contests are now in full swing and one player has apparently already won the Monarch Purple Armor Coating.

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