Jason McCourty on the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols: ‘They don’t care’

Jason McCourty on the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols: ‘They don’t care’

For a player who tests positive but remains asymptomatic, the player can return 10 days after the first positive test - if the team's head primary-care physician determines, in consultation with the league, that it's safe for the player to return to the facility. In Tennessee's case, the organization must register no new positive tests for the next three days in order for their practice facility to open on Sunday.

The NFL announced Thursday night that the Titans (3-0) will host Buffalo (4-0) on Tuesday.

An outbreak among the Tennessee Titans caused a postponement of their game against the Steelers in Week 4 and caused the upcoming schedule to be scrambled, moving the Chiefs-Bills game from Thursday to October 18.

The Bills had been preparing and practicing all week for a Sunday game in Nashville. They traveled the morning of the game and returned immediately after.

So New England could have both or neither come Monday night.

Five games now have been rescheduled because of the pandemic: Pittsburgh at Tennessee in Week 3 was moved to October 25 with Pittsburgh-Baltimore also switched from October 25 to November 1.

He said that going to Kansas City to face the Chiefs in Week 4 didn't add up with the incubation period after Cam Newton tested positive for COVID-19 and that there was great risk involved going to play. "The one thing we're accustom to as players is we become routine oriented ... obviously, starting with last week, being forced to fly out and play a game and fly back (in the same day) was definitely not an ideal situation at all". That would be the sixth National Football League game to be rescheduled - all this month. Since then, the team has had to deal with the fallout of cornerback Stephon Gilmore testing positive as well, resulting in practice at Gillette Stadium being canceled Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It's merely a coincidence that New England has a bye next week.

The NFL told the Titans to close their facility on September 29, and their last game was a 31-30 win over Minnesota on September 27.

He said the league's priority is making protocols that sound good and lead to games being played.

The NFL is threatening forfeits for COVID-19 protocol breaches; Fox Sports" Mike Pereira joins "Fox & Friends' with insight. The Titans already are scheduled to play in each of the regular season's remaining 13 weeks.

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