Kim Kardashian Tells Letterman She Stands By Working with Trump

Kim Kardashian Tells Letterman She Stands By Working with Trump

DrPassionate Letterman knows how to make a splash.

David Letterman's interview with Kim Kardashian for My Next Guest Needs No Introduction - in which she opens up about working with President Trump and the O.J. Simpson trial's impact on her family - is already making waves ahead of its October 21 premiere. A year ago season 2 Sitting like a fiery with Kanye West, He told liberals he was "bullied" for supporting Trump and admitted that he had never voted in his life.

Kim Kardashian luckily remained unscathed in the incident, and said she's thankful to this day that it was her targeted in the robbery rather than one of her sisters.

Now, the fashion mogul Letterman, who has become a reality show star, is set to join the stage for another exciting conversation to open season three.

Kim Kardashian said the final season will see how the family coped with the coronavirus pandemic and being in lockdown. "Oh for Christ's sake, show date is not on the ticket?" He jokesly asks during reception by Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian. An empty seat next to Jenner was soon occupied by Kanye West.

The interview begins with a really interesting question from Letterman about hair extensions, before the host actually apologizes for making fun of him. The notable Hollywood figure put the past behind her and found something worth fighting for in a time where black folks need someone to help fight the good fight of equality. He also rejects the whole notion that the Kardashians are "famous for being famous" because he admits to having some skill in putting on a show like theirs. She has her prison reform program. Of course leading to her nearly alliance with President Donald Trump.

Kardashian explains, when a picture of her appears on screen with Alice Johnson, the woman who For life I personally persuaded the president to relieveIn the Oval Office, with Trump. "But instead of imposing reforms through the current administration, what's going on, somehow allowing the balance of democracy to return to the path to survival".

It's a bad word, a stupid question, it's the only logical answer from his guest, he replied, "Well, I do not know what you just said".

When laughter and applause disappear, Letterman tries another way.

"Oh, I was at the head of that list", he says of Kardashian long being fodder for comedians like himself. Kim's interview with David was taped before Joe Biden officially secured the Democratic nomination and before her husband, Kanye West entered the race.

"Trust me, everyone called me and said, 'Don't you dare step foot in that White House or your reputation is done, '" Kim shared with David, according to the Daily Beast.

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