Tax records show Trump maintains Chinese bank account

Tax records show Trump maintains Chinese bank account

During his Philadelphia speech, Obama made reference to the recently discovered fact that Donald Trump has a secret bank account in China which was reported by the New York Times. Trump International Hotels Management reported only a few thousand dollars from China.

A secret Chinese bank account- listen, can you imagine if I had had a secret Chinese bank account when I was running for re-election?

"Although the bank account remains open, it was never used for any other reason", said Garten.

As for the former vice president, his public financial disclosures, along with the income tax returns he voluntarily released, show no income or business dealings of his own in China. A clear and obvious conflict of interest and given the amount of business-related tax breaks given by the Trump administration. In 2008, he tried to build a tower in Guangzhou, to no avail.

When it comes to doing business with China, the Trump family seems to be far outpacing the Biden family.

The New York Times said Mr Trump's tax records show he has invested at least $192,000 (€154,000) in five small companies created to pursue projects in China.

Since 2010, the companies have claimed at least $97,400 in expenses, the newspaper said.

First Lady Melania Trump pulled out of a planned campaign appearance - a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, with the president - because of lingering symptoms of her Covid-19 infection.

China is just one of the Three foreign nations in which the sitting president has open bank accounts. Additionally, Trump Hotel Collection (THC) negotiated with the State Grid Corporation of China - an electricity company, and the country's largest state-owned enterprise - to brand and manage a major development in Beijing, sources told AFP. The owner of a Las Vegas-based financial services firm told The Times he was later visited by two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents asking about the company behind the purchases, which he said had used his office address in incorporation papers without his knowledge. "It's disgraceful. It's a total disgrace, but you will find out", Trump told the interviewer.

Trump was already trying to do business in the Chinese market long before he arrived at the White House, according to the Times.

While Trump has long refused to make his tax records public, the Supreme Court ruled against him in July when the U.S. president argued he can not be investigated nor charged while he occupies the White House. Chen runs an global consulting firm and reportedly has high-level connections to government and political elites in China.

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