Trump to resume campaign rallies, but 2nd presidential debate scrapped

Trump to resume campaign rallies, but 2nd presidential debate scrapped

Responding to the announcement, Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh suggested that the candidates should sideline the CPD "overlords" and instead debate "one-on-one", without what he called "the interference" of the commission. "A biased Debate Commission is unfair".

Trump told Fox Business that he would not "waste his time" with a virtual debate.

The first debate was characterised by insults and interruptions, and the second debate had been moved online, a move Mr Trump had bitterly opposed.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump at the first presidential debate in Cleveland.

Trump has completed his therapy, according to his physician, who has also medically cleared the president for public events from Saturday.

The final debate will take place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

"It is now apparent there will be no debate on October 15th", read a statement from the commission.

The US Commission on Presidential Debates has announced that the second scheduled face-off between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden has been cancelled for good, with no replacement date.

With Trump hedging on participating in a virtual debate, Biden made other plans, booking a town hall event with ABC News for the scheduled date.

Several attendees to Trump's September 26 Rose Garden announcement of Barrett's nomination have since tested positive for the coronavirus, including the first lady, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and close Trump contacts Kellyanne Conway and Chris Christie.

This will be the first time Trump has traveled since an October 1 fundraiser, after which he tested positive for the coronavirus.

The former USA vice president had agreed to a virtual format but later chose to attend a town hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that night instead in the wake of his Republican rival's opposition to the change.

The president plans to host an event at the White House Saturday, speaking to a South Lawn audience from the balcony.

"Vice President Biden looks forward to making his case to the American people about how to overcome this pandemic, restore American leadership and our alliances in the world, and bring the American people together", Biden campaign spokesperson Andrew Bates said Friday per CNN.

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