Trump to vote early in Florida this weekend

Trump to vote early in Florida this weekend

His motorcade left the library and headed to Palm Beach International Airport, according to WPTV.

US President Donald Trump cast an early vote in the US Presidential Election at Florida on October 24, marking the first time an incumbent President has voted, in-person, in Florida, according to reports.

In a video message, Obama said one of the most inspiring things he had witnessed this year was the vigour showed by young people who are thirsting for fundamental change.

He said it was an "honor" to vote.

"It was a very secure vote, much more secure than when you send in a ballot. When you send in your ballot, it could never be secure like that", the President said.

Trump has previously voted via an absentee ballot but indicated that he preferred voting in person.

The president spent Friday in Florida, holding campaign rallies at The Villages and in Pensacola. "I like to get in line, and if I have to stand there for two hours, maybe they'll move me up a little bit".

Florida is one of the states he nearly certainly has to win to accumulate enough electoral college votes to beat Democrat Joe Biden.

Trump has for months railed against what he says is the unsafe expansion of mail-in voting, claiming repeatedly that the election will be rigged.

President Trump has repeatedly voted by mail in the past - voting absentee in NY in 2018 and in Florida's March primary.

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