Angry Officials: State's Lockdown Was Based on a Lie

Angry Officials: State's Lockdown Was Based on a Lie

A worker at the Woodville Pizza Bar told contact tracers he was a customer, which sparked a six-day state shutdown. "We pursued them. We now know that they lied", Mr Marshall told reporters.

Asked if the man would be deported when his visa expired, Commissioner Stevens said: "Whatever occurs in relation to his status as a person in Australia will be subject to the outcome of our investigation process". Stevens would not be drawn on the man's likely motivation for misleading contact tracers. The detectives are investigating the whole circumstances involving the shop.

When a pizza employee Resturant Lied about call trackers in South Australia, it led to a strict worldwide lockdown Australian Officials said Friday.

The commissioner said although the employee's actions had an "unbelievable impact" on South Australians, there was no penalty for lying and he won't yet be charged or fined. When the review team went back to interview the man once again, he finally admitted that he had worked several shifts at the pizza parlour, Reuters reported.

"Had this person been truthful. we would not have gone into six-day lockdown", said Stevens.

It showed there was a 50 per cent chance there would have been about 100 daily cases by mid-December and a smaller but "not negligible" chance that numbers would reach 200 per day.

But he defended the initial lockdown based on the information known at the time.

The infections increased after a man lied about his whereabouts during contact tracing. More than 4000 contacts or close contacts of the outbreak remain in quarantine.

"Everybody regrets the actions that we have had to take", he said.

'We are still managing a very risky cluster, ' he said.

"There has to be consequences. we do not want this behaviour".

Cars are seen queuing up at a Covid testing centre on November 17, 2020 in Adelaide, Australia.

"I'm taking up quarantine space that could be going to other Queenslanders, even overseas travellers, who need it more".

"This next week for us is critical in our state", Prof Spurrier said.

It turns out, however, that he had been in close contact with the shop's security guard, who was among an outbreak of 36 positive cases in Adelaide.

"This is not an example of community transmission, or just something has just popped up out of the blue", she said.

Marshall announced the state had chose to lift its six-day lockdown early, based on the new information. It marks a full two-week incubation period without community spread of the virus.

It looks like an Australian pizza worker might escape punishment - despite telling a lie that caused 1.8 million people in the south of the country to be put into a strict lockdown unnecessarily.

"To say I am fuming about the actions of this individual is an absolute understatement". I stress this point, that this is still a very unsafe cluster and our expert health - our health experts remain extremely concerned.

Of Australia's 907 coronavirus deaths, 819 have occurred in Victoria.

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