Barack Obama makes surprising revelation about relationship with wife Michelle

Barack Obama makes surprising revelation about relationship with wife Michelle

"Why did you leave us with him?"

Obama opened up about his journey to be president in his new book, A Promised Land, and revealed that Michelle was not initially happy when he spoke to her about running for president.

The 59-year-old came into the frame holding a copy of his book while wearing a dark suit with a crisp white shirt and no tie.

This comes after Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election against Joe Biden. He looked into the camera and said "This book expresses the incredible hope I have in you", pointing his finger towards the viewer.

Obama's 'A Promised Land' sells almost 890000 copies on first day

"Well, I think we can always send the Navy SEALs there to get them out", Obama joked in response. "Malia is more like me temperamentally and we call ourselves "The Long Faces, ' because her face is more shaped like mine and 'The Round Faces" are Michelle and Sasha". "It was like a big exhale right after we left office. George W. Bush, he and I That actually helped us be able to get a head start on trying to stem what could have been a great depression instead of a great recession". His wife Michelle Obama, 56, released her memoir Becoming on November 13, 2018 and in just 15 days it became the top selling book of that year, moving over two million copies that quickly. We are planning this huge, risky, hard operation that involves all the power and technology and skill and courage of the USA military and intelligence.

Sure enough, as mentioned before, during his presidency, Barack Obama famously used the Navy's Seal Team Six to raid Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad, Pakistan compound back in 2011, taking the terrorist out.

Obama, in his memoir "A Promised Land", wrote that Congress leader Sonia Gandhi had picked Manmohan Singh for the post of prime minister "because he posed no threat to her son Rahul Gandhi, whom she was grooming to be her heir", according to India Today.

The publisher also said that it represented "the largest first-day sales total for any book ever published" by the company.

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