McCarthy: States Could Still Flip to Trump

McCarthy: States Could Still Flip to Trump

But progressives see Klain as open to working with them on top priorities like climate change and healthcare. But most have yet to acknowledge the president-elect's win.

After Biden's victory in the crucial state of Pennsylvania, Trump again insisted that the race was not over and claimed he had "WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT".

"We're a big family".

The lawmaker, a California Democrat, also said McConnell's power in Congress is short-lived.

According to the Biden-Harris Transition, Klain has devoted many years to public service, serving as White House Ebola Response Coordinator (2014-15).

Another collection of progressive groups penned a letter to Biden urging him to "decline to nominate or hire corporate executives" in his new government.

They said that there was no evidence to show that the election process had been compromised. But he's also leaning on advisers with deep Washington experience and calling for bipartisanship and healing a divided nation - meaning his new administration could drift naturally toward the middle, steered there by his top choices for top positions. She argued on Thursday that Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, has "a mandate to address the challenges our country faces as well as to have a positive initiative on how to grow the economy in a fair way and in order to do that we must address the pandemic". "If he has corporate lobbyists in his administration, it would derail his agenda".

"I will not - this administration will not be doing a lockdown", Trump said during a speech at the White House about vaccine development efforts.

Biden's apparent victory in Georgia, the first for a Democrat since 1992, was a major blow to the long-dominant Republicans in the key battleground state.

Election officials said Trump's claims were baseless and meant to undermine confidence in the election results.

Klain is one of Biden's closest confidants and first worked for him in 1989, back when Biden was a US senator.

He said it was time for Mr Trump to move on and said that Mr Trump was "damaging the Republican party every day this charade goes on".

"I would say intelligence briefings and access to real-time threat assessments - real-time information about air engagements around the world and the threats that we were facing - I think, the fact that the incoming president and his income National Security Team don't have access to that, it shouldn't surprise anyone", Jen Psaki, an advisor to the transition team told reporters during a conference call on Friday. "Everybody's got a role, and the president's role is to decide".

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