Moldova Holding the Second Round of Presidential Election

Moldova Holding the Second Round of Presidential Election

Kremlin has said that Russian Federation hopes to establish a working relationship with Maia Sandu after the pro-European politician won Moldova's presidential runoff vote, decisively defeating the staunchly pro-Mocow incumbent Igor Dodon.

Center-right Sandu told reporters after her victory that she would balance Moldova's ties with Russian Federation and the EU.

Fears of clashes and protests were allayed by the clear victory of the opposition leader, allowing Moldova to give a lesson in democracy to the many ex-Soviet countries, such as neighbouring Ukraine before and Belarus this year, where a peaceful political alternation seems impossible. She was a prime minister of Moldova from June to November of 2019 and a minister of education from 2012 to 2015.

Moldova has been rocked by multiple political crises and a $1-billion bank fraud scheme equivalent to almost 15 percent of the country's annual output.

Moldova is one of Europe's poorest nations and has suffered a sharp economic downturn during the coronavirus pandemic.

Igor Dodon took the presidency in 2016.

Russia's president Vladimir Putin also congratulated the new president of Moldova.

Sandu vowed to strike a "true balance" in foreign policy and "pragmatic dialogue with all countries including Romania, Ukraine, European countries, Russian Federation and the United States".

Russian Federation has peacekeeping troops deployed in the breakaway separatist Moldovan region of Transdniestria, an issue seen as an impediment to Moldova one day joining the EU.

"I voted for the development of the economy, for a balanced foreign policy", Dodon said after casting his ballot.

Following the closing of polling stations in the evening, first results were expected to be announced late on Sunday night.

The second round of presidential elections took place on November 15. Some of Dodon's supporters denounced such support as an attempt to destabilise Moldova. "I will be winning your trust with concrete deeds". Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said Moldovans had chosen "a path of progress".

"The preliminary results showed that Maia Sandu won". I am confident in the further strengthening of relations between Ukraine and Moldova and the European integration of our peoples. He added that the European Union was "ready to intensify our close partnership".

"We need the state to work for citizens, not for thieves and corrupt officials", Sandu said.

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