Moloney speaks out on Las Vegas Boxing robbery

Moloney speaks out on Las Vegas Boxing robbery

The fight was called a no-contest after just two rounds when Franco's right eye swelled shut and the ref, Russell Mora, stopped the match. "There was no head-butt".

Moloney looked certain to have reclaimed his WBA super flyweight title in a rematch against Joshua Franco when the American was unable to come out for round 3 due to swelling in his right eye. I've trained my ass off for the last five months, been away from my family, and they just take it away from me.

Because the fight was stopped before the end of the fourth round becase of a head clash, it was ruled a no-contest.

The controversial decision that saw Aussie boxing star Andrew Moloney lose his WBA Super Flyweight title fight in Las Vegas on Sunday is set to be the catalyst for a world title shot at home.

But then Nevada State Athletic Commission Officials reviewed the decision for 20 minutes, while the boxers remained anxious in the ring.

Arum told reporters after the fight that "there was no head-butt".

"But who knows what will happen?"

"I have no choice, I've been in this business for 40 years, I've got no where to go, but if I did I would get the hell out of here". The referee made a mistake...

"This is an absolute disgrace", Arum said. "There was no headbutt".

"I've honestly had so many messages, thousands of them from people all over the world", Moloney told the Daily Telegraph. The injury was caused by a punch.

"I don't know what more they needed to see on the replay".

"Physically, I feel great, I feel like I haven't even been in a fight, it was a pretty easy night's work", Moloney said. I deserve it. I won that fight tonight. "It was not even close".

The unusual nature of Mirren's posts lead to some speculation she may have been hacked, however Mirren has previously thrown punches in multiple action movies during her multi-decade career.

Since four rounds were not completed, the fight was declared a no contest. There was a head-butt in the first round.

However, despite the video evidence appearing to show Franco's eye being damaged after a number of jabs, the officials reaffirmed the referee's ruling.

"The referee hadn't made it clear to us that it was an accidental headclash", Moloney said.

The Boxing Scene reporter and former ESPN writer Dan Rafael said footage showed the injury was caused by a punch, not a head-butt. That eye was closed by 50 jabs.

It is as of yet unclear whether a third bout between the fighters is on the cards.

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