New Alexa Update Adds Device Discovery, Makes It Easier To Link Devices

New Alexa Update Adds Device Discovery, Makes It Easier To Link Devices

For instance, ask how long it takes to steep tea, and the latent goal could be setting a timer for steeping a cup of tea; Alexa might suggest "Five minutes is a good place to start", then follow up by asking if you want to set a five-minute timer.

More than one in five United Kingdom households use smart speakers such as Amazon's Alexa but also including Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Assistant, according to data published by marketing firm Strategy Analytics.

Amazon's goal with its AI assistant is to anticipate user requests.

The function-currently available in English in the US-improves with use; regularly ask about the daily weather forecast, and Alexa could one day automatically offer advice about an umbrella or sunscreen. Besides making Alexa more useful, the update could also boost the developer ecosystem around Alexa by making it easier for consumers to find relevant Skills and thereby help Skill creators drive more downloads.

The first step is deciding whether to fully anticipate a potential goal: The Amazon Alexa team's early experiments showed that not all dialog contexts are suitable for discovering a latent target.

The technology behind latent goal prediction is extremely complex. But Amazon explained in a blog post that a range of advanced algorithms is running under the hood to define latent aims, formulate them into acts that often span various abilities, and surface them to consumers in a way that does not feel disruptive. This model keeps in mind several other aspects of the sentence, such as the text and whether the customer has engaged with Alexa's multi-skill suggestions in the past.

At least Amazon is aware that when you ask Alexa for "recipes for chicken" you would not want a follow question from Alexa like "Do you want me to play chicken sounds?"

Amazon uses a "deep-learning-based trigger model" that analyzes the conversation and past interaction history, among other data, to help Alexa figure out appropriate times to ask these types of follow-up questions. It might suggest it sets a timer for the correct steepage time. Those suggestions are based on the relationships learned by the potential target discovery model.

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