Oxford COVID Vaccine Safe, Effective, Especially in Older Adults

Oxford COVID Vaccine Safe, Effective, Especially in Older Adults

"We do have the refrigerators that are needed for the Moderna vaccine and we're already in line to get the freezer for the Pfizer", Muñoz said Friday.

"The government is also in the process of finalizing the databases of various priority population groups that will be administered the vaccine if and when it becomes available", he said.

Moderna on Monday became the second United States company to publish provisional data from a large study, claiming that its vaccine was 94.5% effective against Covid-19.

The study of 560 healthy adults - including 240 over the age of 70 - found the vaccine is better tolerated in older people compared with younger adults.

A new report from Pfizer has come out of their coronavirus vaccine trials about the success rate of the vaccine they have been developing to help eradicate the pandemic.

A key researcher at the university says this is important because vaccines often don't work as well in older people.

Moderna was one of the first companies around the world to start the final stage of trials for its mRNA vaccines, and has recently reported a promising efficiency of 94.5% based on data from interim analysis of phase 3 tests.

The Sinopharm vaccines, as well as another one from CanSino Biologics, were also shown to be safe and triggered immune responses in early and mid-stage trials, according to peer-reviewed papers.

Besides, the cold storage requirements also pose a challenge for developing countries like India in the procurement of the vaccines.

Older adults have an increased risk of COVID-19, so it's crucial that vaccines against the disease are effective in this age group.

The vaccine is now undergoing a three phase clinical trial overseas with 60,000 participants.

While high-risk groups will be the first vaccinated, the U.S. government hopes that there will be enough vaccines by April 2021 to offer it to the broader population and provide high coverage by the summer. This is the last stage before seeking regulatory approval, and includes tracking the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing coronavirus. Moderna's vaccine is expected to be stable at normal fridge temperatures for 30 days but for storage of up to six months, it needs to be kept at minus 20 deg C.

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