Rep. Steube: Trump Should Fight on Election as Long as He Can

Rep. Steube: Trump Should Fight on Election as Long as He Can

Thursday was the first time Trump has taken questions from reporters since the election.

Despite the numbers and the lack of evidence of widespread voter fraud, Trump continues to make baseless accusations.

On Thursday, tori pipo ask president Trump weda e go agree to leave di White House if e lost di electoral college vote and e reply say; "Certainly I will, certainly I will and you know dat".

During his 25-minute back-and-forth with the media, the president continued to push unproven conspiracy theories about voting machines switching votes from him to Biden and alleged Biden only received a record 80 million votes through election fraud.

Speaking with reporters after a Thanksgiving Day teleconference call with members of the military, Trump said that he would "certainly" leave if the Electoral College elects Biden, who is projected to earn 306 votes from the college, a reversal of Trump's self-professed "landslide" 2016 victory.

"If they do, they made a mistake", he said. Although he eventually did say he would exit the White House if the vote were not in his favor, that answer came after he first repeatedly cast doubt on the Electoral College and election in general. "And you know that", he said. He also insisted there was no way Biden could have polled 80 million votes, far more than President Obama's record 70 million votes in 2008, even though the U.S. population (and also electorate size) has grown by almost 25 million since that time.

Vote certification at the local and state level is typically a ministerial task that gets little notice, but that changed with Trump's fierce but fruitless legal challenges and attempts to manipulate the certification process in battleground states he lost.

It is customary for the losing candidate to concede but it is not necessary that Trump does so in order for Biden to move into the White House. "I don't know what is going to happen".

Trump raged, as critics humiliated him with memes and skits mocking him, including his sitting on a child-sized desk for Thursday's event to convey Thanksgiving message to USA troops. "I know one thing, Joe Biden did not get 80 million votes", Trump said, adding that Biden didn't beat former President Barack Obama's vote total with black voters.

Will he run again in 2024?

Showing that he intends to stay in the political fray until the end of his term, Trump said on Thursday he would travel on December 5 to Georgia, a once solidly Republican state he lost narrowly to Biden, to campaign for two Republican U.S. Senate candidates.

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