Trump claims 'dumped ballots,' Biden lead grows in undecided presidential election

Trump claims 'dumped ballots,' Biden lead grows in undecided presidential election

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discounted the president's quick claim of victory, saying it would take a while for states to conduct their vote counts.

Early voting data shows Democrats are voting by mail in far greater numbers than Republicans.

Trump weighed heavily on their minds, two-thirds said their decision was driven by their opinion of the untraditional president, either for or against. Taking to Twitter, Trump said, " I will be making a statement tonight.

No state will count absentee votes that are postmarked after Election Day.

Americans by the millions waited patiently to cast ballots at libraries, schools and arenas across the country on Tuesday, in an orderly show of civic duty that belied the deep tensions of one of the most polarizing presidential campaigns in USA history.

"Arizona, we have a lot of life in that...certainly there were a lot fo votes out there that we could get because we're now just coming into what they call Trump territory".

US President Donald Trump has called the US election results "a major fraud" and vowed to take the process to the Supreme Court.

While only two of 10 voters nationally said COVID-19 was the issue that mattered most in their choice for president, half of USA voters believe it is more important to contain the coronavirus even if it hurts the economy. Those races have yet to be called, and could decide who takes the presidency.

And the closer the margin in a state is, the more votes are needed for The Associated Press to declare a victor.

The candidate who wins each state's popular vote typically earns that state's electors. In presidential elections, a key point is the date in December when presidential electors met.

"We feel good about where we are".

Normally, governors certify the results in their respective states and share the information with Congress. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, he told a crowd of cheering supporters at the White House that he would challenge the election results before the Supreme Court, though it was unclear exactly what type of legal challenge he was proposing.

Mr Biden also said he feels confident about the outcome in Wisconsin and MI. But Florida was the biggest, fiercely contested battleground on the map, with both campaigns battling over the 29 electoral college votes that went to Mr Trump.

While most experts view the scenario as unlikely, there is historical precedent.

Trump - who accused officials of "stopping the count" in some parts of the country and allowing it to continue in others, all in the name of forestalling a Republican win - vowed to fight on in court. The pandemic has killed more than 233,000 people in the United States.

No Republican presidential candidate has ever lost OH and gone on to win the presidency. Trump won the Buckeye State in 2016 by 8 percentage points over Clinton.

Texas has the second-highest number of electoral college votes, behind California.

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