UK sees Brexit goodwill, open to a sensible fishing compromise: minister says

UK sees Brexit goodwill, open to a sensible fishing compromise: minister says

But Conservative peer Michael Howard is opposed to the bill, alongside Labour's Charlie Falconer, who told BBC News the government should "stop digging".

One key collision course with the new look White House is over the Government's controversial UK Internal Market Bill (UKIMB), which gives ministers the power to override worldwide law.

"As the PM set out, the United Kingdom and the USA have much more in common than divides us, and our countries will stand together to protect our shared values".

All other controversial provisions were removed without votes.

As a proud Catholic of Irish descent, Biden was vocal with British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab during a state visit in September, according to the New York Times.

"The government should see sense, accept the removal of these offending clauses, and start to rebuild our worldwide reputation", said Angela Smith, the opposition Labour Party's leader in the Lords.

If he loses, many analysts said that it might increase the strain on London to secure a trade deal with the EU.

Sir John condemned Mr Johnson's position, insisting it was "unprecedented in all our history - and for good reason".

The Government is facing a potential defeat as the upper chamber tries to amend it to strip out the most-hated clauses, those which ministers admit could breach worldwide law.

A spokesman at Johnson's Downing Street office said Friday that the prime minister's conversation with the leader of the EU's executive arm would allow the two to "take stock" of the negotiations less than two months before a transition period created to smooth Britain's departure from the European Union ends.

But while the government's decision to push on with the legislation is unlikely to derail talks by itself, its responses in Parliament and outside have the potential to foster distrust that could cast a shadow over negotiations.

A government spokesman said after Monday's vote that the removed clauses would be reintroduced when the bill goes back to the House of Commons, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a comfortable majority.

The Prime Minister refused to say Mr Trump should concede defeat, as the US President continued to fight legal battles in his effort to retain the keys to the White House.

Mr Biden, whose ancestral home is in Co Mayo, has warned that the Good Friday Agreement can not "become a casualty of Brexit". He said UK-EU negotiations would be helped by Mr Biden's clear stance on the Northern Ireland peace process.

The UK has been hoping for a quick post-Brexit free trade agreement (FTA) with the USA as a sign of vindication over its exit from the European Union (EU) allowing it to strike lucrative trade deals around the world.

Still, perceptions matter, and the British government will have to work hard to dispel the prevailing view in the USA media that London is less than happy about Mr Biden's electoral victory.

Mr Eustice indicated a possible compromise on fisheries, which has been a major point of contention delaying progress on a deal.

The United Kingdom left the European Union in January but the sides are trying to clinch a deal that would govern almost 1 trillion dollars in annual trade before informal membership - known as the transition period - ends on december 31.

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