How Roku Finally Landed HBO Max

How Roku Finally Landed HBO Max

After reaching a deal yesterday, HBO Max is now available to install on Roku streaming players and Roku TVs. / HBO Max returns to sour following the decision to publish all the films of 2021 in streaming. If you do not have a subscription to the service yet, you can get one by subscribing to HBO Max right now since they added a lot of great content this December, such as the new Wonder Woman 1984 movie. Roku is the leading streaming-app distributor in the USA, with some 46 million active accounts and 38% of the market including set-top devices and software that powers smart TVs. Next time you log in, your HBO app should update and automatically become HBO Max.

PlayStation 5 owners can now download the apps for HBO Max and CBS News. There are buttons for Netflix and Disney+ on the remote, but you probably will not find it annoying that there isn't one for HBO Max, even though it would have been nice. Its biggest rival in streaming-media distribution, Inc., has also had tense negotiations with some companies over carrying their apps in its FireTV devices. As a result, WarnerMedia was missing out on a major subscriber base to prop up HBO Max against the competition.

The cost of the streaming app for new subscribers is $15 per month.

Max is WarnerMedia's direct-to-consumer streaming offering, with over 10,000 hours of curated premium content.

Additionally, in 2021, each film in Warner Bros.

In a press release, Roku's senior vice president of platform business said that they believe "all entertainment will be streamed" and so they're "thrilled to partner with HBO Max" in its mission to make that a reality-especially now that they've been able to come to "mutually beneficial agreements".

"We can't wait to work with our longtime partners at Roku to build on our past successes and bring HBO Max's best-in-class quality entertainment to Roku's large and highly engaged audience", Chief Revenue Officer of WarnerMedia Tony Goncalves said in a statement.

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