Star Wars-verse: Disney Releasing A Host Of Star Wars Shows

Star Wars-verse: Disney Releasing A Host Of Star Wars Shows

Disney held their annual Investor day and fans of Hulu, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Disney Plus are thrilled with all of the content that is coming their way.

Other, less expected Star Wars stars are returning.

Earlier this year, Kennedy told Newshub, "I would love for him to direct a Star Wars movie and I do agree he has exactly the right sensibility".

Disney+ is expected to eventually release in South Africa towards the end of 2021, but there has not been any clear plan on when Hulu will be officially making its way to the country.

With Hasbro recently revealing new Ahsoka Tano toys inspired by both The Clone Wars and Rebels, we can only assume a Mandalorian version modeled after actress Rosario Dawson is high on Hasbro's priority list for 2021.

This is wonderful news, nerds. And in a new research note, analyst firm MoffettNathanson said Disney stock should be seen as being in the same league as tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, or Alphabet-aka FAANG stocks.

The home of Disney, Pixar and Marvel franchises says it will introduce Star, the global version of its U.S. Hulu brand, on the existing Disney Plus platform in February. Will there be a crossover event? Finally, R2-D2 and C-3PO are back to help a new hero in A Droid Story, a secret mission, droids, what could possibly go wrong?

The 12 episode series is described as a "rousing spy thriller".

Disney announced the smooth-talking smuggler will return to the small screen on Disney+, though little more is known beyond that.

The development of the previously announced feature film was also confirmed written and directed by Taika Waititi, of which, however, no details have been revealed neither on the setting nor on the story.

No Glover? Fans will riot. The Acolyte is set "in the final days of the High Republic Era", a pre-Phantom Menace time when the Jedi were still the guardians of peace and justice and the Sith were still in the shadows. Warwick Davis will be playing the lead character on the show.

In the Star Wars universe, Ahsoka is an apprentice of Anakin Skywalker. The show starts after the ten years of the events that happened in Star Wars: Revenge.

James Mangold directing the last Indiana Jones film is exciting news (especially after the quality of Logan) as is Patty Jenkins being chosen to direct the next Star Wars film, entitled Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. It is set to release on Christmas 2023. We may also add more titles and his rankings when we find out more information and what they will be releasing.

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