Betty White Celebrates 99th Birthday with Help from Golden Girls Fans

Betty White Celebrates 99th Birthday with Help from Golden Girls Fans

"We did this 12 years ago". On Jan. 17, the former "Golden Girl" celebrated her 99th birthday. You can find the video at the bottom of the article. Her role as Sue Ann Nivens on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" was epic, and the show was one of the biggest hits in TV history.

Reynolds, 44, shared a tickling - albeit tawdry - throwback video of him fake-feuding with his on-screen grandma in behind-the-scenes footage from 2009 rom-com The Proposal, which also starred Sandra Bullock, 56.

Among Hollywood's longest-lived stars, comedian Betty White turns 99 today, and Ryan Reynolds has made a decision to celebrate his former Blackmail co-star's birthday by remembering thehilarious feud staged on set of the 2009 film.

In September, White reflected on her 70 years in television in an interview with Variety.

"Just looking at the positive side and not dwelling on the downside", she said.

The "Deadpool" actor, known for his comical back-and-forths with the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman, took to Instagram on Sunday to wish White a happy 99th birthday. Since I'm a happily married man, I've been denying my true feelings for you, but I'm not going to deny them anymore. "You ab-crunching jacka**", she spits. "I am also very pleased to let you know about the re-release of my long-lost series after 50 years!" "I hope everyone is well and staying safe. We will get through this".

"I'm blessed with good well being, so turning 99 is not any completely different than turning 98", White mentioned.

The Golden Girls star has received an outpouring of love from friends and fans, as Melissa Joan Hart, Valerie Bertinelli, George Takei and more paid tribute to the legend on her milestone birthday.

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