Hitman 3 to release on Nintendo Switch this week via Cloud Streaming

Hitman 3 to release on Nintendo Switch this week via Cloud Streaming

Shortly after IO Interactive's statement that Hitman 2 owners on Steam won't be able to transfer the assets to Hitman 3, a backlash has begun. It means players will practically stream the game, so they will need a reliable internet connection to enjoy the stealth game.

IO Interactive did explain that there were circumstances behind the issue and they did not find a solution on time, but this changed today.

Players will first need to import data from the original Hitman to its sequel, and only then the data can be imported to the third iteration.

Below are the confirmed details when you can start downloading the game from the partnered game store and prepare for its official launch.

"We've done everything possible to make this process smooth and player-friendly", IO Interactive wrote in its pre-launch post. This is also added by EGS by emphasising the fact that they will never want to force players to buy a game on their platform that they already own on another. You can also check out a handy pre-launch guide over here to help you figure out all there is to know before purchase. This pass will be sold at 80% discount for the first 14 days, although the gaming studio has yet to put a price on the game pass. Epic Games is no stranger to this, as they tend to snatch good deals from Steam by offering developers and publishers a good price. For a more irreverent-yet-informative angle, watch our rapid-fire interview with game director Mattias Engström.

One of the big selling points of Hitman 3 is that it'll house all the levels from the entire trilogy, importing those stages from the games and expansion content you already own.

(Pocket-lint) - Hitman 3 will be available from Wednesday 20 January on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia.

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